Thursday, January 8, 2009

Start the night out right

I like to be prepared. When shooting in the summer, I pack a light bag. I take a wide angle and a 50mm lens, that's all. In the winter, because I cannot travel by bike, I pack heavier. These days I'm taking it all: the telephoto macro, the normal lens, the wide angle, and the functioning zoom. I even take the holga lens.

Sometimes it is good to prepare in other ways. For the summer, brandy was a good drink. Sometimes the warmth of brandy makes me a bit nostalgic for hot days filled with sunshine.

So this winter I have started a go at whiskey again. I'm partial to Irish whiskey, and I've tried a new brand this year. Finian's Five Provinces is a fine drink. It is very clean, and fairly smooth. It isn't as flavorful as a Jameson or Bushmills, but is a solid performer.

I've met some other whiskeys. Merry's is a brand that is new to me, and one I'll probably drink with my severance money.

I like to start the night out right. Sometimes people are amazed that I shoot with a few drinks in me. Really, it isn't that hard.


It warms the soul!

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