Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Someone buy me a tripod

I finally have my Yashica ML 50mm f1.7. So far, so good. I'd still like to get that f1.4, but the 1.7 is a nifty little lens, allegedly based in part on a Zeiss design.
It is a shame that, to my knowledge, Yashica never made an 85mm prime because I'm in the market for an 85mm prime. Though I'm not sure I want to own that many Yashica lenses. I have the 200mm ML f4 C, and I toy with the idea of buying the 135mm f2.8 - but we'll see how these go first.

So how does this relate to a tripod? Well, I think I'm starting to get worn on the hand held nocturnography. It may be time to pull out the old tripod and start with long exposures again. Though I'll need to find a way to backpack it for the summer's biking. Any idea on how to ride a bike with a tripod slung over your shoulder?

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